We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep: it’s not just the rest and repair that’s important when we hit the sheets, it’s all about how our body’s nervous system has the chance to rest and regenerate but for lots of very different reasons up to 76% of us in the UK will suffer from poor or broken sleep at some point. Whether it be stress, anxiety, symptoms of menopause or pain related problems, most of the time we resort to pacing around the house during wee hours rather than take medication for sleep disorders which is highly addictive and doesn’t give your brain the proper amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep it needs to process the day, regulate cognitive behaviour and prevent problems like depression creeping up on you.

If you’ve tried everything from a hot water bottle to chamomile tea, now’s your chance to find something that really works: the CeeBD and patchouli ingredients in The Hippy Tin. Like many other potential benefits of CeeBD, research into CeeBD’s effects on sleep conditions such as insomnia is still in its early stages. However, the existing data suggests that CeeBD could be an extremely helpful, safe treatment for preventing insomnia and improving sleep quality that’s because of the effect that cannabidiol has on the body’s nervous system, helping to calm and ease tension and sedate the pain receptors stimulated by the brain that can stop us drifting off. Using CeeBD can also help improve the quality of REM or dream sleep so you have less broken sleep and daytime drowsiness.

All-round good news! All the ingredients in The Hippy Tin work together to help soothe and calm: the CeeBD content is enough to help float away tension while patchouli oil has been recognised for centuries for its ability to calm inflammation and boost mood. So just in time for World Sleep Day on March 13th, why not get yourself some happy sleep with The Hippy Tin.
• Start by making sure phones and laptops are all turned off and – it’s well documented that screen activity should be minimised at least an hour before bed and you should be turning screen brightness down. Better still – keep them out of your bedroom while you sleep.

• Pour yourself a warm bath around an hour before bed time – add some additional lavender oil to the water to start the relaxation process.
• Now scoop a finger-full of The Hippy Tin CBD Balm and use it to gently massage your feet: you have 72,000 nerve endings on the sole of each one and it’s the fastest way to get the benefits of its sleep inducing ingredients into your system.
• Rub across the big toes that relates to the head Chakra and any tension headaches and smooth up the arch of the foot that’s linked to the health of your back and smooth around ankle.
• Take your time and pop on a pair of cotton socks so none of the moisturising content of almond oil is lost, too. Now jump into bed, slowly breathe in and out to the count of 10 for 10 deep breaths, clear and free your mind and get ready for a Hippy night’s sleep #sleep #cbd #insomnia # anxiety #stress